How to Send Automated Welcome Emails to Your New Customers

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Updated: Jul 14, 2022 · 4 min read

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Game changing automations: How to send automated welcome emails to new customers

It’s no secret: Email is still one of the most effective mediums for connecting with prospects and existing customers. Some forecasters believe that more than 300 billion emails (on average) will be sent every day in 2022. In fact, in 2021 alone, Keap users sent well over 25 billion emails to audiences.

While welcome emails may make up a fraction of those total numbers, they are some of the most important emails a marketer can send. They serve as your company’s first impression, signaling to your customers how you intend to engage with them.

Here are just a few ways to give your automated welcome emails a boost:

  • Welcome email templates make your first contact consistent from customer to customer
  • The most important rules you must follow to get your emails seen
  • An automated welcome series onboards prospects and engages them effectively
  • By adding surveys or landing page links, automated welcome emails can help you learn more about your customers

Did you know?

A welcome email series can generate over 50% more revenue than a single welcome email.

Welcome emails have an open rate of more than 91%.

Read rates for welcome emails are 42% higher than other emails.

A recent survey revealed that 54% of marketers chose welcome emails as a top email automation.

Try the “New Customer Welcome” email automation

When you properly welcome a new customer, you reinforce their choice to consider your company, set lasting expectations for what it’s like to interact with your company, and make the onboarding process quicker and more efficient. Here’s how you put this automated welcome email example into play for your business:


Your client onboarding experience is a manual process that is sometimes inconsistent or not as timely as it needs to be, giving your clients a less-than-ideal first impression of working with you.


Streamline and automate new client communications with this series of messages designed to communicate the practical next steps and get them excited to work with you.

How to set up the automation

For this automation, you’ll need to create these assets:

  1. Welcome email – This email thanks your new client for their purchase and lays out next steps. Download our free email templates here.
  2. Scheduling email (optional) – Send this email only if the next step in the process is for them to set up a new client call with you.
  3. Welcome text – A text message welcoming your new client and telling them to check their email.
  4. Big picture email (optional) – Continue building the relationship with your new client by finding out what they want to accomplish in their work with you.
  5. Social media email (optional) – Send this email if you’d like to get your new clients connected with you on social media.
  6. Checking in email – A final email to ensure your client continues to feel taken care of and confident. Ask them how their experience has been so far.

Then, set up these components in Keap, or other software of your choice:

  • “New client” tag in CRM
  • Scheduling link (if applicable)
  • Automation for email and text message delivery

How to run the automation:

  1. Map out your ideal new client onboarding experience, including all the information you want to communicate and in what order. Separate the information into however many emails (and texts) makes sense for your process
  2. Set up the automation in your sales and marketing automation system and test it to make sure everything is working properly.
  3. When the “new client” tag is applied the automation will run, leaving you free to focus on client appointments.

How to measure its success

Welcome email success metrics to monitor:

  • Increased client action (whatever your next steps are)
  • Fewer back-and-forth messages about logistics
  • Client satisfaction and retention
  • Increased positive reviews
  • Repeat customers

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