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8 sales and landing page examples to emulate

Jeremy Moser

Updated: Dec 07, 2023 · 6 min read

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Landing and sales pages are the bread and butter of acquiring new customers (and keeping existing ones).

They give you a prime opportunity to showcase your value, your unique selling proposition, and drive more sales.

In this post, I'm going to break down eight great sales and landing pages from many niches to help you improve yours:

1. Loganix - masters of social proof

Loganix is an SEO and PPC agency that's been around for many years, helping some of the bigger brands in the world grow organic traffic.

So, it’s no wonder it has stellar landing pages. On this reseller page, it masters the art of social proof like no one else:

Featuring accolades of their business and direct quotes from huge names in the SEO industry gives it instant credibility through social proof.

When a company lands on this page looking for SEO services, it’s no doubt they will recognize big names such as Brian from Backlinko and be thrilled about working with them.

Always use social proof to your advantage.

2. Zoma Sleep - addressing roadblocks up front

Landing pages are a tricky balance between providing enough information for people to buy, but not enough so that you overwhelm them.

Zoma Sleep is perhaps the best middle-ground I’ve seen on a landing/sales page.

Throughout the landing page it communicates tons of value and dives into the product itself:

Keep your landing pages simple, but don’t be afraid to answer questions on them. This can prevent cart abandonment, unhappy customers, and even lost sales.

3. Forms on Fire - data, data, data

Customers are often afraid to purchase or try your tools/services because they don’t know if they'll work.

Customers want one thing: a product that drives value for their business or life.

Forms on Fire harnesses this on its landing pages by using direct data to showcase how impactful its tool is:

Coupled with a “Try It Free” call to action, there's absolutely no risk for customers.

Use more data on how you impact customer success and you’ll drive more sales than you did without it.

4. Somnifix - interactive content wins

Landing pages can be a very dry and boring experience for users. They're often heavily text-based and sales-forward.

To ease the experience and make it more personal, you need interactive content.

Somnifix excels at this, using a personalization quiz directly on its landing page to help customers understand the product, and even generate an exact product match to their specific needs:

Personalization works, and it’s the way of the future. Utilize it on your landing pages to drive better engagement, brand name retention, and sales.

5. Bay Alarm - comparative advertising

Comparative advertising is pitting multiple businesses of the same category or product type against each other to see which has better features.

If you believe in your product and have created a great alternative to some competitors in the market, it can be a hugely impactful strategy to use on your landing pages.

For example, Bay Alarm uses this tactic directly on its sales pages:

This is extremely useful because chances are people on your landing page have already (or will soon have) researched your competition to see which is better for them.

6. Time Tackle - show, don’t tell

When building your sales or landing page, it’s easy to do too much telling and not enough showing.

Time Tackle nails showing, not telling, via the use of landing page video:

Integrated into the landing page as a CTA on the hero image, it can showcase the tool in action for a full minute, rather than forcing users to read copy.

If you're relying too much on copy, then try developing an explainer video to show, not tell.

7. Inflow Inventory - risk free works

Minimizing risk for the potential customer is always going to improve conversion rates. The less hurdles they have to complete a purchase the better.

Inflow Inventory capitalizes on this with its calls to action:

Promising a free trial and not requiring a credit card sign-up allows it to convert at a higher rate in the early stages, giving it time to nurture trial-based leads into full-time customers down the line.

8. LFA Machines - valuable content

Landing pages can’t always explain the value that your company brings to the table. They're often too short and too sales-focused.

To attack this issue head-on, LFA Machines offers valuable, free content directly on its landing pages to educate and entice users to convert:

So, in the event that a user who lands on its page isn’t ready to convert just yet on buying, it will likely convert on a lead magnet like this ebook.

For LFA, this ensures it still drives value even if it’s not a direct sale.


Landing and sales pages can make or break your conversions.

If you drive traffic to them but have failed to optimize them, you'll lose out on sales.

Take the tips from these eight landing pages and implement them on your own to improve conversions.

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