Getting the job

Web forms and landing pages

Available in: Keap Pro


Web forms and landing pages are powerful tools that allow you to gather information from people interested in your products or services. In many instances, this can be the first step in transforming leads into buying customers.

Web forms are built from inside the campaign builder. You can also upload a WordPress Web Form Builder into your WordPress website for free. A Landing Page is a stand alone web page for the purpose of promoting a specific product or service. A landing page is a great way to get people to sign up for free assets like an article or an ebook, or for special events or services that you can offer to attract potential customers.

You can drive traffic to your landing page by including links to your Landing Page in your email marketing, social media posts, or paid advertising on platforms like Facebook or Google. With your landing page live, you can now create a sequence of activities that you would like to launch automatically after somebody submits their information. Refer back to the video on “Campaign Builder” for more information on this process.