Simple Automation Strategies for Recruiters

Jamie Gilleland

Updated: May 10, 2022 · 5 min read

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You may be familiar with using sales and marketing automation software to automate a typical funnel focused on converting leads into clients and loyal fans. But have you ever thought that you could automate your entire recruiting process with your automation software too?

You absolutely can use sales and marketing automation software for recruiting. Here's how...

Understanding your starting point before using automated recruitment marketing

The key to using automation for recruiters is to see the big picture.

  • What systems are used for lead generation?
  • How many individual types of jobs are being recruited?
  • Are there invoicing needs?
  • What manual tasks are still required, and how many people would need access to marketing software?

From this starting point, a recruiter can begin to create a clear vision of their workflows and needs. It might be easier to record this information as the various paths that prospects can take through the recruiting process and, if it’s relevant, the path that the end client (whether internal or external) will take in their interactions with the recruiter.

So what, exactly, can be automated?

Once the flow of clients and prospects is clearly understood, the sky's the limit for automations! Here are some examples of impactful recruiting automations for businesses of any size:

Identifying and tagging specific skill sets

A “tag” is exactly what it sounds like – a label that denotes something specific, and which can be searched for once it’s been applied. For example, you could tag applicants based on years of experience, certifications, level of education, or willingness to relocate. If you need a master plumber in Milwaukee, the software could search your database for those tags. From there, you’d be able to generate a list of all prospective applicants that have the specific tags needed for a job.

Automated follow-up

One of the most important components of automation is the ability to automate points of contact. Here are a few examples.

  • Follow up with applicants. When an application is uploaded, an email sequence could automatically begin: A “Thank you for applying” email, followed up a day or two later with an interview schedule. Automated follow-up can also be used to ensure that paperwork is uploaded or to request an updated resume.
  • Set reminders for recruiters. Follow-up can also be directed to the recruiter, reminding them about specific actions to take with an applicant.
  • Follow up with a candidate that has been placed. Check in with candidates that have taken job offers AND with the companies or divisions that hired them.
  • Follow up with hiring managers on interviews. Get feedback about whether you’re passing qualified candidates on to hiring managers. How often does this type of valuable feedback get lost in the “busy-ness” of the every day?

Automating tasks

Think of all the tasks that need to be done every day in an office environment. What if some of them could be automated? Things like reports, data collection, and even call time can all be collated automatically with the right automated recruitment marketing software, and the many different tasks that might be required of both candidates and recruiters can often be automated. Never stay late at the office again to prepare those monthly reports!

A pipeline process

Imagine being able to run a single report to see where every applicant is in the process or the status of each position you’re hiring for? By using software that has a pipeline function, recruiters can see when someone is moving into onboarding, when an interview or offer is made, and when applicants convert to new hires. Of course, each stage of the pipeline can have its own automated follow-up, too!

Appointment scheduling

Automating your appointment scheduling can save you hours of back-and-forth emailing every week. You can share a booking link in an email or text and have the candidate select a time that works for them to meet. Plenty of recruiters utilize Zoom and other video software, and an ideal automation package would allow seamless scheduling integration.


If a recruiter is doing the job, they need to be able to collect payment. The smartest marketing automation software for recruiters can ensure that invoices for placed applicants are paid in a timely fashion. There’s NO need for any business to miss the chance to collect the money they’re owed!

“Favorite” searches

Lastly, automation software should allow a recruiter to easily create and save their “favorite” searches. Remember that master plumber in Milwaukee? If a recruiter is always searching for that elusive applicant, they shouldn’t have to recreate their search every time.

An automated recruiting system so nothing falls through the cracks

Sure, many seasoned recruiters might say they “have it all in their head,” but if they are keeping their entire company up there, they’re missing stuff.

Lost applicants.

Lost details.

Missed appointments.

Invoices not sent.

Candidates not hired.

Staffing needs that aren’t being met.

Keap’s sales and marketing automation software can help you get started with automated recruitment marketing and more … and even better? Successful recruiters are already using it. It’s time to merge recruitment and technology. Test drive Keap today with a 14-day free trial.

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