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So what does Keap do?

Mychal Edelman

Updated: Jul 29, 2021 · 3 min read


The flexibility and power of Keap creates quite a task for someone trying to explain what's possible inside the application. Sometimes it’s helpful to think of Keap’s many functionalities as a "Las Vegas buffet.” There are lots of things that it can do for you and your business, but the parts of the software that are most impactful for you is what you want to put on your proverbial “buffet plate."

As a power user who has built thousands of campaigns over 10 years of service to small business, I’ve compiled a list of the top 3 things that Keap excels at for its users:

1. Keap helps you capture new contacts AND organize your current contacts

Lead capture: Keap has the ability to ask for contact information directly within its landing page builder. Of course you can store basic information like names, emails, and phone numbers to use at your disposal, but the real power of Keap starts to shine through when you realize you can store custom information unique to your business and contacts. Run an ice cream parlor? Keap can easily help you store the favorite flavor of any customer to make sure promotions are targeted using the specific interests and wants of your customers. This is just one of unlimited examples of how you can store custom information that becomes both searchable and usable across your marketing and the customer journey..

2. Keap helps you have the conversations with prospects and customers you want to -- at scale.

Organize your contacts: In a contact record, you have the ability to start to learn about your prospects and customers. As your contacts start to fill out forms, click emails, visit websites, etc, you can learn a lot about their interests through their activity. In Keap, there is a system that will automatically allow you to segment your contacts based on different indicators. This practice of list organization is called Tagging. Tagging not only lets you start to organize who the people are that you do business with, but more importantly it allows you to send different conversations to different contacts based on a variety of factors such as who they are, what actions they have recently taken, or something as specific as them watching a certain video on your website!

Texting with Keap's business line: Email is just the beginning. You can also use your new Keap business line to send text messages, trigger automation from missed calls, and manage your business texting from your computer or mobile device.

3. Keap helps you see your sales and opportunities to sell more

What do you sell: Digital/physical products or a service? Keap can help you manage your money. It has a fully functional invoicing system where your customers can pay with credit cards or PayPal. If you use checkout forms, you can embed the checkout form on your personal website to easily let people do business with you. Need to find the purchase history of a contact? No problem. The invoices are available for your historical needs.

Pipeline tracking: Whether you are a sales rep or a project manager, Keap has a visual pipeline that allows you to track a contact through a process of your choice. You can easily create new deals, and manage a deal from stage to stage with an easy drag and drop interface. You also have the option to tie automation to these stages. So, for example, if you move a lead from a stage called “New Lead” to “Interested”, it can automatically trigger a campaign just from you moving the lead into a different stage!

As you can see, Keap has a lot of useful functionalities for a small business. Try to focus on what it can do for you and lean into the features that help you save the most time and make the most money. If you do that, it’s a no-brainer investment for any business looking to scale and automate.

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