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Updated: Dec 11, 2023 · 7 min read

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Effective text messaging marketing campaigns act as a powerful multiplier force in your existing marketing campaigns.

Haven’t built a text messaging campaign yet? The text message marketing examples below are the perfect place to start.

Advantage of Text Messaging Marketing

Unlike emails that take 48 hours to get read on average, 90% of text messages are seen within 3 minutes. If text campaigns haven’t become part of your overall marketing strategy, you’re missing out on sales big time.

Let’s assume you’re on your way to building a text messaging strategy for your business. What will make your messages stand out amongst the crowd? Just like email, you’re competing for your leads and clients’ attention, along with every other marketing campaign they opted into after years and years online.

The odds simply aren’t in your favor.

Creative messaging is a great way to stand out from the crowd.

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Creative Text Message Marketing Examples

We’ve outlined three effective text marketing campaigns to try with your own business.

Holidays and Special Occasions

It’s your signup anniversary [[first name]]! Get 20% off today with the code TWENTYVERSARY.

For both e-commerce shops and service providers, targeting special occasions is a good strategy— Cyber Monday, Labor Day, 4th of July, Golden Girls Appreciation Day—whichever days fit your audience best.

In 2020 alone, text marketing rose 274%+ between Thanksgiving and Black Friday! Ride that tide to growth.

Brainstorm occasions that are unique to each contact. Sign-up anniversaries, birthdays, company founding dates, and more. Make contacts feel special and seen. These actions will build trust and keep your company top-of-mind.

Using an automation platform like Keap, you can easily schedule personalized follow-up messages. If you have a CRM, you can collect, tag and segment other valuable data for these types of highly personalized campaigns. Consider asking for info like birthdates, company anniversaries, completed milestones, and more.

Conversational Language

“Hey [first name], did you see these crazy upgrades? Here’s the link [link].”

Talk to people like people.

It seems like an obvious strategy, yet it eludes many marketers. Why? Even savvy copywriters can prioritize sounding smart over being clear. Allow us to illustrate in the text message marketing examples below.

Sounding Smart—

By leveraging focused data organization, in symbiosis with persona-aligned verbiage, an individual or entity may convert human resources into fungible currency. [link]

The sample text above is bloated, pretentious, and jargon-heavy. Many users simply won’t understand what’s being said, become frustrated, and exit your funnel forever.

Being Clear—

With customer data and a personalized message, you can grow sales faster. We’ll show you how [link].

This time, the above text message marketing example is concise, clear, and friendly. It tells the audience precisely what they’re getting. Send messages that sound as familiar as a text from a friend.

A CRM-powered automation platform can send personalized text messages by using merge fields like [first name], which pull personalized data from specific fields in a contact’s profile.

Even basic personalization creates a 26% boost to open rates, making merge fields incredibly valuable.

How Did They Know? (The Magic Trick)

“We heard you need some pro tips on [area of interest]. Check out this webinar [link].”

People are captivated by magic tricks. What if you could create a messaging magic trick within your text marketing campaign? Using CRM data and automation triggers can produce near instantaneous follow-ups and specific, interest-driven offers.

A solid automation platform with integrated CRM (like Keap) makes it easy to tag incoming leads. You can build behavior-based triggers to send timely, curated messages. Send instantly or schedule for peak open times, and place tags on customer behavior. Get the most from every text by knowing your audience.

The text message marketing example above also uses merge fields to personalize these behavior-triggered content campaigns.

Automating Your Text Message Marketing

You see how powerful and effective your marketing strategy can become with the implementation of text messaging and automation. The text examples we’ve provided will get you started with copywriting. Now we just need to show you the automation building.

Below, you’ll find an example of text message marketing automation built in the Keap platform. As you’ll see, it takes mere minutes to develop your first text message marketing campaign automation.

How to automate text marketing in Keap

Here, you’ll see we’ve begun an Easy Automation in Keap, using our intuitive When/Then functionality.

  1. When a new contact submits a form.
  2. Then you can send a message. We’ll choose text.
  3. Once that’s done, you can craft your messaging.
  4. Keap’s interface makes it easy to include:

    • Merge fields for personalization
    • Link shortening to get the most from your character count
    • Templates for everything from appointment reminders to review requests.
  5. Next, you’ll set your text to send immediately or schedule a specific delivery time/delay.
  6. You’ll hit publish, and — congratulations, you’ve automated a text message marketing campaign. Not so tough, huh?

Now, every time your data capture is filled out, the text follow-up is instant and automatic. This means it’s off your plate and improving engagement, which improves conversion.

Powerful text message marketing grows sales, and it’s done automatically

This is the way automation frees up not only time but space in your mind. Feel free to borrow some of the text message marketing examples in this blog to get you started.

You just built powerful marketing automation in minutes. What could you do next with your free trial from Keap? Automation is like hiring an employee who executes all your best ideas with impeccable timing, day or night. That sounds like a pretty good hire.

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