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Product updates

Stay in the know with new Keap features, regulation updates, and more.


Improve inbox delivery rates through Keap

Email service providers (ESPs) regularly update the algorithms that determine if emails land in recipients’ inboxes, as intended, or

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Stay connected to your clients with Keap email sync

Keap now syncs with Gmail, Outlook, and Google Calendar to give businesses a complete view of their client activity and communications.

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The Keap Commercial Backstory

Keap CMO Paul Rosenfeld reflects on the process leading up to the rebrand of Infusionsoft to Keap, and the commercial that accompanied it.

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Keap Launch Message from Scott

Keap’s sole purpose is to help your small businesses succeed. We are here to serve you. We are here to help you organize, follow up, and automate so that you can better serve your clients, grow sales, and save time.

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Rebranding Infusionsoft to Keap

Changing the name of a company—especially one that has 17 years of history, 200,000+ users worldwide, and over $100 million in revenue—is not a light decision. Over the years, it had been discussed but the timing was never right, nor the reasons compelling enough. Behind the idea was a desire to become simpler both to use and to work with, and to expand our purpose to help small businesses succeed.

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