3 Cold Email Templates to Replicate in Your Campaigns

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Updated: Oct 27, 2021 · 7 min read

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Getting the attention of cold leads can be daunting. You need a strategy for nurturing your disengaged contacts, and that starts with solid marketing content. Cold contacts may not have written you off. It’s more likely you’re just being lost in the shuffle. You need to stand out.

The good news is we’re going to give you three cold email templates ready to go. Feel free to use them as-is in your email marketing software or tweak them to suit your specific audience.

1. The “solve their problem” template

When warming a cold contact, you must lead with value. Start your message with a straightforward solution to an immediate problem that they are experiencing. Not sure what that would look like? Feel free to swipe this cold email template and make it your own.

Subject Line: 3 tips to grow your sales today!

Email Copy:

Hi [first name],

We noticed you’ve downloaded some of our resources on business growth. We thought you would be interested in our latest webinar.

We’ll be revealing our top 3 tips for growing sales in your business.

[contact signature]

Take things a step further by segmenting your contact list for email campaigns, which has been shown to generate a 100.95% higher clickthrough rate as compared to non-segmented email campaigns.

You can personalize and optimize your efforts with relevant content. Segmenting by criteria such as industry or purchase history allows you to send unique email content to each contact. A robust CRM tied to an automation platform like Keap will make this type of tagging and segmenting a snap.

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2. The “follow-up” template

Did you know that “60% of customers say no four times before saying yes”?

Once you’ve re-engaged with cold contacts, don’t waste that momentum. Stay top of mind with automated follow-ups and encourage them to enter the next stage of your nurture campaign or sales pipeline.

Subject Line: Remember what we talked about?

Email Copy:

Hi [first name],

Thank you for taking the time to speak with us. After our conversation, we came up with some ideas that would be beneficial for your business. Are you available for another call this week?

[contact signature]

You can quickly build simple follow-up automations and segment them with an integrated CRM. This will allow you to easily tailor and target your audience, without rewriting or resending a single email.

Better results, more re-engagement, less work. Pretty sweet deal.

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3. The “request a review or referral” template

Client reviews and referrals are like gold when it comes to converting unnurtured leads into clients. For example, when higher-priced items display reviews, the conversion rate increases by 380%.

The key is to keep the conversation going from one happy client to the next potential lead. We also recommend adding personalization with merge fields to further optimize your client impact.

Here’s a review and referral request template for cold emails that you can use.

Subject Line: We’d love to hear what you have to say.

Email Copy:

Hi [first name],

Recently we worked with you and would love for you to tell us how we did.

Simply click here [provide direct links to your review channels; Google, Yelp, etc.], and tell folks like yourself what they can expect from us.

Thank you so much. We look forward to working with you again.

[contact signature]

Try building a simple automation that sends a follow-up a few days after a purchase, but no more than a week. In no time, you’ll have an automatic review machine helping to grow your sales.

Why automate the delivery of your cold email templates?

When you connect your email marketing to a sales and marketing automation platform with CRM like Keap, your leads and clients get automatic responses, welcome emails, nurture campaigns, and follow-ups. All are guided by your user’s CRM data and intelligent behavior triggers.

Just because leads have gone quiet doesn’t mean they’re gone for good. The templates in this blog are a great start. Once you’ve crafted the right message, you can use automated, CRM-driven nurture campaigns to reach out to cold leads with the right message at the right time.

You have the grit to recapture lost leads and grow your sales like never before—all you need now are the right tools. Keap provides the industry’s premier sales and marketing automation software-driven by our robust CRM. Start your free 14-day trial today!

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