CRM Tools

7 Powerful Tools To Supercharge your CRM

Chapter 01: Introduction

If you’ve implemented a CRM in your business, you’ve probably wished (on more than one occasion) that it was more robust. Well, aspire no longer.

Entrepreneurs like yourself have noticed and fulfilled this need by creating a multitude of CRM tools to enhance your current software. These tools are designed to enhance the tedious to-dos of day-to-day business – whether you’re using a basic CRM or comprehensive sales and marketing automation software.

If you don’t know where to start searching – don’t worry. We have done some digging for you. We’ve found some of the most innovative (and affordable) apps that integrate nicely with CRM tools like Keap to not only enhance your current software, but make running your business significantly easier.

Chapter 02: 1. Use triggers and actions to automate repetitive tasks

Cost: pricing starts at $20/mo

Zapier integrates web apps (including other CRM tools) you use to automate tedious to-dos. With Zapier, you can select a trigger (such as “any time a user fills out my WuFoo form”) and an action (for instance “create an event on my Google Calendar”). The trigger and action pair up to form what’s called a Zap. The Zap automatically completes the action when a trigger is discovered, saving you the hassle of manually entering the repetitive task.

Zapier currently integrates with over 400 apps, including WordPress, PayPal, Google AdWords, Keap and many more entrepreneur-friendly businesses. Zapier’s UI makes APIs accessible to non-technical users, making it easy for entrepreneurs, sales and support teams, marketers and small business owners to automate routine and necessary to-dos.


Chapter 03: 2. Automatically extract data from emails and webooks.

Cost: pricing starts at $19 / Month

Are you looking to integrate a 3rd party service with Keap? Parsey integrates just about any service with Keap so long as it has the ability to send data via a webhook or email notification. Create contacts, apply tags, attach emails, upload attachments, complete campaign goals, create notes, to-dos and appointments, create companies, opportunities and orders, run legacy action sets, set referral partners, send text messages, make voice calls and more.

One of Parsey's most popular integrations is an automated, two-way sync between DocuSign and Keap. Parsey is easy to set up and works with any email or webhook format. Say goodbye to manual data entry and get back to focusing on the things that you love to do!


Chapter 04: 3. Instantly add contacts to Keap using your smartphone

Cost: Starts at $39/month

Remember that stack of business cards from your last conference? The ones you sore you would follow up with but never would? The Keap app is the solution!

Keap is one of the CRM tools that eliminates a hassle we don’t think much about – collecting business cards. Add a contact to Keap just by snapping a picture of their business card. With Keap, you remove the hassle of manually entering contacts into your list and can immediately follow up with contacts you’ve just met.

You can capture first name, last name, phone, email, company, address and notes – just from taking a picture of the business card. Keap eliminates the need to accumulate business cards and allows you to create a new contact record in Keap anytime, anywhere.

Keap mobile app

Chapter 05: 4. View your business data in visually aesthetic reports

Cost: pricing starts at $19/mo

Graphly is a reporting platform within the Infusionsoft by Keap Marketplace. Graphly creates aesthetic, easy to read reports on user data, which gives you insight as to where you need to focus your attention. You have the ability to build executive, tactical and management dashboards. If one of your performance reports or parameters changes, you will instantly receive a text message or email alerting you of the difference.

Not a tech-savvy person? Not a problem. Graphly’s intuitive interface gives anyone from an experienced CEO to a novice startup actionable data that will help improve business performance. Graphly’s reports are fully responsive, allowing you access to your Keap reports on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. You can also print reports or export them as a PDF, JPEG, PNG or SVG file.


Chapter 06: 5. Let in-house accountants manage the finances of your business

Cost: pricing starts at $99/mo

Don’t worry – we didn’t forget CRM tools for finance. Bookly (formerly Tax Alli) provides you with access to an in-house accounting team that keeps track of your business’ bookkeeping, payroll and tax preparation. Bookly securely connects your bank accounts, credit cards and apps like PayPal and Square to send to your accounting team automatically. With this data, Bookly creates professional financial statements reporting your balances and transactions each month. You can also snap pictures of your receipts on the go, which automatically get sent to your accounting team.

Bookly recently integrated with Keap, which grants your Bookly bookkeepers access to the transactions you process through Keap.


Chapter 07: 6. Sell your products across a variety of channels with one platform

Cost: pricing starts at $29/mo

When it comes to CRM tools for ecommerce, Shopify is one of the most popular. With Shopify, you can create an online business that syncs with any retail POS transactions you make. You’re able to sell your products online, in person, on mobile devices, as well as through social media – and keep track of everything through Shopify.

Shopify allows you to create a storefront with a secure shopping cart. You can manage customer accounts and profiles along with any transactions they make. Shopify provides you with web hosting, Google Analytics and SEO best practices. You’ll also be able to accept orders and payments with Shopify Mobile, which automatically syncs with your online store.


Chapter 08: 7. Manage and sell products through your WordPress site

Cost: pricing starts at $129/single site license

WooCommerce is an ecommerce plug-in for WordPress that allows you to create an online store within your WordPress site. You can manage the selling and delivering of your products – whether they are physical goods, virtual services or downloadable content. WooCommerce comes with shipping methods and payment gateways, including PayPal Standard, Simplify Commerce, BACS, Cash on Delivery, flat rate shipping and free shipping.

With WooThemes, you have the option to choose a premade theme or build your own and customize it using WooCommerce’s built-in shortcodes and widgets. Reporting in WooCommerce gives you a comprehensive view of your sales, reviews, stock levels and general store performance – all from your WordPress backend.