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9 marketing automation benefits that could help your business

Lidia Hovhan

Apr 17, 2020 · 7 min read

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Marketing automation has become a necessity for today's entrepreneurs, as it's used not only to automate processes but to restructure and quantify their marketing campaigns and workflows.

From saving time and energy to generating more revenue, the scope of marketing automation goes beyond simply automating repetitive tasks. The bottom line is it streamlines business operations, helping entrepreneurs focus more on nurturing client relationships.

Marketing automation statistics

Recent studies revealed that marketing automation is capable of driving about a 14.5% increase in sales efficiency and a 12% reduction in marketing overhead. Companies that employ marketing automation can even project a 450% upturn in terms of qualified leads. Not surprisingly, almost 50% of companies have been using marketing automation over the past two years.

The data doesn’t lie: Automation can help businesses in increasing ROI and boosting overall growth. So, how can marketing automation benefit your business?

1. Reduced costs

If you're using the right software for marketing automation, such as Keap, it’s like one employee accomplishing what 50 employees can perform manually. All you have to do is create a process for generating and nurturing leads along with marketing campaigns, which are spontaneously activated based on certain benchmarks. Within several months of implementing automated campaigns, you can send out thousands of customized emails daily using simple autopilot software.

2. Additional revenues

While bringing down expenditures, you can look forward to higher earnings. Combining management of leads with prioritization can result in increased ROI from your sales activities.

3. Generate and nurture leads

Generating leads is crucial to business development. Through automation of procedures between marketing and sales, you can concentrate more on formulating strategies that can generate and nurture promising leads. In other words, you can land more customers because of more prospects.

Marketing automation also presents a clearer picture of customer behavior. Meanwhile, you can work on nurturing leads, which is quite complicated and consumes more time. Lead nurturing refers to the organized and recurring process of helping potential customers proceed from awareness to purchase stages promptly. Not all leads translate to sales. However, it’s encouraging if half of your leads are qualified. So, don’t stop nurturing these leads using marketing automation.

4. Better data for smarter decisions

Big Data is one of the buzzwords in IT these days. Unfortunately, not all businesses are efficient in collecting and using this data in their marketing and sales efforts. Marketing automation facilitates understanding of Big Data, and gathering the required intelligence makes things work for you.

This platform is one of the more complete solutions to gauge marketing campaigns and forecast consumer attitude or reaction. It can put together a full profile of your prospects.

5. Refined marketing process

Software used for marketing automation compels you to envision your customer journey. At the same time, your marketing strategy will allow you to build processes centered on these potential customers. Through the creation of processes around this customer journey, it becomes easier in processing targets and nurturing leads.

6. Personalized customer journey

Among the difficult challenges that confront companies regularly is how to convert a one-time customer into a regular patron. One way of achieving this is to opt for personalized social media and blog content.

According to some recent video marketing statistics, more than 70% of consumers search for exceptional, original and targeted content. Tools in marketing automation streamline the procedure of conveying the appropriate content to the correct buyers at the correct time.

Customers can also retrieve content from said content. Find out which emails users open and click on, which of your posts perform well on social media outlets like Facebook, and how this can convert to website visits. Do SMS drive engagement? Data collected using marketing automation is also effective in qualifying leads from marketing and forwarding them to sales. By scoring leads and grading them, marketing automation obtains and processes data of visitors to set off transmitting qualified leads to the right salesperson.

7. Marketing and sales on one page

Marketing and sales should be on the “same page.” Many businesses find it hard to properly integrate these two departments. However, this is necessary since technology continues to progress and influence the purchasing cycle. Hence, marketing and sales get closer to each other. It makes collaboration between the two functions more efficient and better than ever. Marketing automation is the key to help promote quality of leads and automates the conventional manual procedures such as assigning and following up target leads.

8. Reduce time to formulate marketing campaigns

Many marketing automation systems have drag and drop interfaces that will enable you to create effective email campaigns, social media campaigns and landing pages. This is possible even if you are'nt technically adept or well-versed in creative design. Therefore, it makes things more straightforward in the execution of these marketing strategies.

9. Use of software and methods

One of the keys is to choose the most cost-effective software. However, don’t overlook these important procedures:

  • Central database for marketing: This is the repository for all marketing-related data which includes specific prospects, customer behavior, and customer interactions.

  • Engagement marketing engine: The engine serves as atmosphere for the production, management and automation of marketing strategies and discussions using online and offline conduits.

  • Analytics: This will check, analyze and optimize marketing ROI that can have subsequent impact on revenues.

However, it’s not enough to acquire complex software to automate the funnel. Marketing automation solutions are required to generate and nurture leads consistently and logically. Quick fixes are not sufficient to ensure long-term business success.

What’s next?

Marketing automation means a lot to all forms of enterprises. This is precisely why modern entrepreneurs must jump onto the bandwagon and begin looking at all available platforms for automation to truly reinvent their company in this age.

Nonetheless, make sure to assess your specific requirements, available resources and objectives prior to launching automated marketing campaigns. Study the necessary resources before procuring software for optimization purposes. These tools are essential to achieving positive results and ensuring the success of your business venture.

About the author

Lidia Hovhan is part of the content and marketing team at OmnicoreAgency. She contributes articles about how to integrate digital marketing strategy with traditional marketing to help business owners to meet their online goals.

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