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Keap fuels Vix’s tenacious, never-give-up attitude

She grew her business by 233% in just three months after joining Keap.

Vix Reitano


Vix Reitano

  • Increased traffic by 60% only 16 days after launching the first campaign
  • Lowered weekly processing time from 15-20 hours per week to 5-8 hours per week
  • Built sales by 188% in four weeks

Agency 6B at a glance


Advertising Agency

In Business

Since 2015






Hoboken, New Jersey, USA

Their Story

Having successfully strayed from the narrow yet safe corporate path to create a boutique Advertising Agency with her own unique personal imprint, Victoria “Vix” Reitano is a proud disrupter.

Vix already had a strong entrepreneurial urge as a college student. “I wanted to create a space where creative human beings could feel supported, understood, and have the freedom to create advertising that sells products in a way that makes people feel good,” Vix says.

“Our company’s uniqueness stems from the heart, the intuition, and the ability to see things before you do and guide you to the next level of your evolution as a business owner.”

Vix hit the ground running in 2015 with her full service advertising and marketing agency, proudly situated in Hoboken, NJ (not the more cliched setting of Manhattan).

“I grew it into a six-figure business in six weeks, and that was unexpected,” says Vix.

“As our agency has grown I've been able to evolve both our goals and brand in a way that’s even more inclusive.”

Moment of truth

Agency 6B quickly experienced growth pains, which Vix immediately recognized and addressed. She initially used Google Docs to stay organized, but that proved unsustainable. Then came a cattle call of other CRM tools with little success.

“We didn’t have a streamlined method to retrieve customer info and follow-up leads were getting lost,” Vix recalls. “Scheduling was a nightmare, there wasn’t an organized sales pipeline, and we wasted precious time on manual, tedious processes and tasks. It all added up to too many missed opportunities.”

The results

Vix approached these challenges with the same tenacity she brought to every creative project, large or small. “I actively searched for a CRM system to efficiently take payments, build a process for guaranteed follow-up and track data, and make sure I had everything in one place,” says Vix. “These critical needs inevitably led me to Keap's Easy Automations. I felt like I had a reliable employee by my side to help me confidently grow both my business and team.”

“Keap automation made me the person I aspired to be,” Vix adds, “because I didn’t need to think about it. It’s always on, always checking up, always making sure that nothing falls through the cracks and clients can easily make new appointments. Keap automation streamlined and personalized my business and bridged my limits.”

Vix has incorporated many other Keap Pro features into her business, most notably, text messaging. “The messaging feature allows me to service my worldwide clientele with completely different schedules,” Vix notes. “I also like Order Forms because they’ve helped me rapidly expand my business. I move fast and I need a tool that’s going to move just as fast.”

Vix’s confidence in Keap is so strong that she decided to become a Certified Partner.

“I wanted my clients to have the same advantages as I did to pursue their business goals,” Vix says. “A lot of them previously used Mailchimp or Constant Contact, which weren’t the most effective tools for email marketing. I offer them robust Keap tools, not piecemeal solutions, and my clients have reported some amazing results.”

These client victories include:

  • Adding 400 new leads in four weeks
  • 188% sales increase in four weeks
  • 85% new orders in four weeks
  • $1,000 added revenue from a two-day flash sale
  • Improved open rate from 15% to 20% after moving to Keap
  • “Keap always has my back and they make sure I look shiny and bright to any potential prospects,” Vix concludes. “If you want to be serious about your business, you need a serious tool to do it, and that’s what Keap provides. Keap keeps track of your money, keeps track of your leads, and creates easy-to-use follow-ups for success. I love it!”

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